DXN Code Strike men guide of a turn- hours before you both are together texting is an excellent way to turn her on slowly tease let her know step by step exactly what you will do when you see her the key is in the detail tease her bring the other piece up on top of your leg where you'll support it with your free hand once in this position it's the a stretch you'll want to do a Kegel hold this Kegel for three to five seconds and then slowly to hold the stretch between 30 and 60 seconds feeling it throughout the shaft all the way down to the legs [Music] this stretch is done erect take full benefit of leg stretching once you've completed 30 to 60 seconds on that side simply bring it over again turning it slightly stretching over the other leg again holding for 30 to 60 seconds filling it throughout the base up the shaft to just below the head Bente penis correction stretch what you want to do is get yourself semi erect and this is important because we're stretching penile tissue now so we want to be fairly firm let's say your bend is going this way and you want to correct that Bend what you'll need to do is grip your penis at the head anchoring the other hand